crisis management

school security audits

assessment approach

  • each building listed for a security review will receive an extensive security audit
  • a comprehensive security audit questionnaire will be provided to all key staff
  • building and district safety and security plans will be reviewed
  • key building staff will be interviewed
  • selected students will be interviewed
  • follow-up conferences are scheduled with administrators and other key staff
  • a written report will be provided for each building audited
  • a comprehensive written report will be provided for districts with multiple sites

assessment scope
(assessment will include, but not be limited to the following)

  • school incident reporting systems and mapping
  • school climate
  • risk reduction programs
  • key control procedures
  • before school, lunch, and after school student monitoring
  • bus and transportation issues
  • open areas
  • halls and stairwells
  • restrooms
  • cafeteria
  • high value rooms
  • visitor access
  • student and staff identification
  • lighting issues
  • classrooms / instructional areas
  • media centers / libraries
  • science / technology laboratories
  • storage rooms
  • common use rooms / areas
  • office areas
  • emergency preparedness planning
  • cpted (crime prevention through environmental design)

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